Your Swiss contract manufacturer for cleaning and care products

As early as 1944, Frike was producing shoe polish for the Swiss army. Since then, we have been continuously extending our expertise in the development and manufacture of high-performance cleaning and care products. As a contract manufacturer of household products today, we offer everything you need to ensure the success of your product, from formulation development to the finished product. We cover chemical products for technical applications in many areas, from washing powder to insect repellents and specialty chemicals. Our range includes liquid products and filling of powders, tabs and aerosols as gels, sprays and foams, as well as mixing pastes.

There are many benefits to outsourcing your products to us as a chemical contract manufacturer. Doing so allows you to focus entirely on marketing and brand management while benefiting from high quality and cost-effective solutions. At the FRIKE GROUP, we deliberately do not sell our own brands, so we can act as a neutral and independent full-service partner.

Comprehensive services from your contract manufacturer

With extensive expertise in the development of high-performance products, bulk production, filling and packaging, the FRIKE GROUP is a full-service system provider. Our broad-based expertise makes us not only a go-to contract manufacturer of cleaning agents but a provider of end-to-end solutions, from initial idea to finished product.

We can also assist with the onward development and testing of existing formulations, including certifications. Of course, our services include all regulatory registrations and authorizations, plus formulation monitoring and proactive notification of changes in accordance with international chemical regulations. Our long-established international network of suppliers for raw materials of all kinds and packaging materials ensures considerable freedom in product design and rapid product availability. We maintain trusting working relationships: your personal contact provides you with complete support and can address any concerns that you may have.

Versatile solutions
from liquids to solids.

Thanks to our diverse product range and the use of specialized technologies like aerosol filling and powder processing, we are able to cover most segments in the chemicals sector. As a contract manufacturer and contract filler for chemical products for technical applications, we’re your go-to partner for innovative, high-performance and biodegradable cleaning and care products. We draw upon our extensive expertise and a wide range of product finishing options to meet your customer requirements.

Cleaning agents and pastes
Dishwashing detergents
  • powders
  • tabs
  • liquids
  • powders
  • liquids
  • powders
  • sprays
Insect protection for the skin
Stain removers
Waterproofing sprays
Shoe polishes
Furniture care products and polishes
  • liquid
  • pastes
Oil and grease sprays
Specialty chemicals
Biocides for the paper industry
Biocides of all kinds
  • liquids
  • powders
  • sprays
Technical shapes
  • Aerosols as foams, sprays and gels
  • Liquids (flammable & non-flammable)
  • Emulsions (flammable & non-flammable)
  • Pastes (flammable & non-flammable)
  • Waxes
  • Oils
  • Powders
  • Granules
  • Tabs
  • Tablets

made of aluminum, glass and plastic, from 3 ml to 2 liters


made of aluminum, plastic, polyfil, from 2 ml to 150 ml


cans made of aluminum and tinplate, PET and glass

Plastic tins

of all types, up to 3 liters

Single- and double-chamber sachets

liquid and powder, up to 50 ml

Folding cartons

(powder) up to 3 liters

Big bags
IBC containers
Sustainable containers
  • Paper sachets
  • Monomaterial sachets
  • Recycled plastic containers (PCR & PIR)
  • PCR aluminum cans (aerosols)

For customers, the use of gas-powered products is always a matter of trust. As such, the FRIKE GROUP is a key partner of Kisag AG. This partnership means that we can guarantee our customers complete peace of mind when using our devices.

Alexander Dischö, Head of Marketing, Kisag AG

Ultrasun has been working with the FRIKE GROUP as a full-service partner for around 15 years. And there are plenty of good reasons for that, as Benedikt Irniger, CEO of Ultrasun AG, explains: “The FRIKE GROUP is our partner for our entire AHA-certified sun protection line. They can produce everything in their facilities, from the cream to the powder. They assist us with development, too, which can be particularly complex for sunscreen products and requires a great deal of experience.

Benedikt Irniger, CEO Ultrasun

Our partner for contract manufacturing in Switzerland. At the FRIKE GROUP, sustainability is a way of life, whether in energy-efficient production or sustainable product solutions.

Stephanie Scholz, Head of Marketing, Dermatology & Health, Merz Pharma (Schweiz) AG

The contract filler for chemicals that gives you the edge

The market for cleaning and care products and biocides is constantly evolving, particularly when it comes to sustainability considerations. Thanks to our efficient structure of five agile SMEs, the FRIKE GROUP is a reliable partner that can react quickly to market changes and legal adjustments and thus provide you with optimum support for launching products onto the market. Our regulatory team keeps you continuously informed about important changes to the law and assists you in implementing them.

Relying on us as your chemical contract manufacturer or chemical contract filler at every stage brings a whole host of benefits, from short development times and cost savings when purchasing raw materials to high efficiency in production and filling.

Contract filler for flammable and non-flammable liquids

Having started out 80 years ago with a shoe polish developed for the Swiss army, we have been continuously honing our expertise ever since. Whether you need small batches or large quantities, we provide you with highly efficient support in the contract manufacturing of your chemicals. You also benefit from the expertise of our development laboratories, which are adept at developing and optimizing flammable and non-flammable liquids for our customers and are happy to actively support you.

Certificates for contract manufacturing of chemicals

The FRIKE GROUP’s production facilities have state-of-the-art equipment for manufacturing chemicals in a wide variety of forms to very high standards. Ongoing innovation and constant optimization of our processes guarantee the highest quality, as confirmed by our ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 certificates. The FRIKE GROUP also attaches great importance to the sparing use of resources, resulting in low costs, which is why we also hold certificates from EnAW, Climate Partner and SMETA 4 Pillars. Many of our cleaning and care products are also certified in accordance with the requirements of EcoCert Detergents and Nordic Swan. Full traceability is ensured through scanning as part of production processes.

Ronnie Heusser, Head of Sales Business Unit Care
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