We provide support with the bulk production of pharmaceuticals

Quality requirements for pharmaceuticals are very high. At the FRIKE GROUP, we ensure that you meet them in full. When it comes to the bulk production of pharmaceutical products – from ointments and liquids to suppositories – our customers benefit from maximum process reliability, which means they can always depend on us, down to the very finest detail.

Our process vessels are specially designed for a wide range of batch sizes, so we can offer solutions from 1.5 to 3000 liters. Our production lines can manufacture bulk goods in cold and hot production from non-sterile to liquid or semi-solid forms of low to high viscosity. We also have a modern filling line for the production of suppositories. 

Bulk production of ointments, gels, liquids and suppositories

In addition to high quality standards, the FRIKE GROUP is also notable for its speed and considerable expertise in product transfer. Thanks to our own Development department and our expertise in pharmaceutical production, we can realistically assess risks and quickly transfer your product dossier to our processing systems.

  • Bulk production of creams, emulsions, gels, liquids, solutions and oils in cold and hot production with maximum flexibility in batch sizes: We process batches ranging from light liquids to medium or thick emulsions with volumes of 1.5 to 2000 liters.
  • Fully automatic process mixers of all types for different water phases and fat phases, various homogenizers, temperature ranges from hot to cold, stirring speeds. We offer state-of-the-art systems with two Stephan mixers with capacities of 7 L and 35 L, Molto-Mat-Universal with 100 L, Becomix with 250 L, Olsa with 750 L, Azzini with 1200 L, and Vakumix with 3000 L.
  • Weighing and sampling under laminar flow: controlled conditions including scanner bookings and dual control principle
  • Clean dispensing of all raw materials used: no possibility of confusion with other products, while laminar flow cabins ensure clean air.
  • Water purity in line with pharmacopoeia standards: Water is the most widely used raw material.  We produce our own demineralized water in a facility that complies with international pharmacopoeia standards and sustainability requirements.

Precise control in bulk production for the pharmaceutical industry

What problems might arise during production? The FRIKE GROUP can resolve them all at an early stage. Precise in-process controls are defined and monitored as part of the risk analysis during product transfer. At each site, our own development and quality control laboratory ensures compliance with strict regulations to ensure product parameters. We determine values such as color, odor, pH value, density and viscosity to guarantee that your pharmaceutical product is of consistently high quality. 

Process transfer of your products to our systems

Our efforts to achieve the shortest possible time-to-market and maximum efficiency and flexibility in bulk production are greatly appreciated by our customers. Each of our sites is equipped with its own development and quality control laboratory to ensure the highest quality in every regard. We standardize your production process on our systems within a very short time. First, we carry out a risk analysis that takes account of parameters such as temperature range, pressure ratios, stirring speeds and homogenization times. We then test various batches with different processes and validate a final process for transferring your production to our systems. We have also recently started offering a Becomix mixer with a capacity of 1.5 liters for smaller batches in the technology transfer process.

Heidrun Goth, Business Development Manager Pharma
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