Expertise and technology for end-to-end contract filling

The FRIKE GROUP is known for its expertise in the contract filling of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products. We provide our customers with a wide range of filling technologies, from the processing of aerosols as sprays, foams and gels through to powder processing as powders and pastes. Make the most of our extensive experience in contract filling of many different products, including with complex consistencies and in a variety of packaging types and sizes.

Contract filling from aerosols to powders

Whether you’re dealing with aerosols as a foam, spray or gel, liquid substances as a cream, gel, wax or oil, or powder as a powder or paste, the FRIKE GROUP is very adept at the contract filling of all manner of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products. We offer myriad solutions for a wide range of containers, filling quantities and sealing methods. Our range also includes sustainable packaging options.