Contract filling of household products as aerosols

As a long-standing contract filler in the chemical sector, the FRIKE GROUP specializes in filling aerosols for the chemical industry. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology, enabling us to process a wide range of chemical products efficiently and safely, from conventional cleaners to specialized chemical formulations.

We attach great importance to high quality and carry out comprehensive testing to ensure that every product is manufactured in accordance with the highest safety and environmental standards. These standards also guarantee customer satisfaction. Our range of services includes myriad packaging options and is flexible enough to efficiently handle both special small batches for innovative projects and large production volumes. You too can benefit from our aerosol filling services for the chemical industry and beyond.

State-of-the-art filling of aerosols

We use methods including advanced bag-on-valve technology for the contract filling of technical chemical products. This process offers key advantages over conventional aerosol technologies: extended product shelf life, optimum spraying capabilities, complete emptying of the can and hygienic purity, as the product is physically separated from the propellant gas. We also use air as a propellant, which makes this method especially environmentally friendly. We offer a versatile selection of packaging materials, including aluminum, PCR aluminum, tinplate and, on request, glass. In addition to standard labeling, we offer the option of applying RFID chips directly to the container as a way of storing product information – a modern alternative to a conventional QR code.

Ronnie Heusser, Head of Sales Business Unit Care
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