Contract filling of aerosol products

As a leading contract manufacturer, the FRIKE GROUP specializes in the production and contract filling of aerosols for the cosmetics sector. Our modern production facilities and many years of experience enable us to handle the manufacture of a wide range of top-quality aerosol products, including hair sprays, deodorants and facial sprays, all the way through from development to the finished product.

Our comprehensive services cover the entire production process, from the initial idea through formulation and production to the filling of cosmetics and packaging. Safety and quality are our top priorities when it comes to the contract filling of aerosols. We work to strict industry standards and legal requirements to ensure that your products not only meet but exceed customers’ expectations. Make the most of our expertise in aerosol products to delight your end customers.

Top-quality contract filling of aerosols

We use methods such as innovative bag-on-valve technology to ensure first-class product quality and sustainability in the contract filling of cosmetic aerosols. This technology is notable for its superior spraying properties and the efficient, hygienic separation of product and propellant gas. As a result, products have a longer shelf life and can be completely removed from the can, as air is used as the propellant gas. This improves not only product safety but also environmental friendliness.

Thanks to our ultra-modern filling systems, we can process high volumes every minute in a wide range of formats, from foam and spray to gel filling. Our flexible production capacity means that we can fulfill orders with a high level of efficiency, ranging from small test markets and sample filling to large-scale production. Our various sealing methods, including induction and heat sealing, ensure that the end products are of the utmost quality and safety.

Ronnie Heusser, Head of Sales Business Unit Care
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