Contract filling of cosmetics as powders

As a contract filler with many years of experience in the cosmetics sector, we offer comprehensive services for the contract filling of cosmetic powders. The FRIKE GROUP’s modern plant technology and strict adherence to quality standards guarantee precise and reliable powder filling. From light powder concentrates to compact formulations such as tinctures or pastes, we ensure that every product is processed according to your specifications and in compliance with the highest standards of hygiene.

We understand the special requirements of contract filling of cosmetic powders and use advanced techniques to achieve optimum results. Our service includes customized filling solutions, ranging from small batches for new products to large-volume production. Make the most of our expertise and technology to bring your cosmetic powders to market with precision and care.

Custom contract filling of cosmetic powders

The FRIKE GROUP specializes in the high-quality contract filling of powders and pastes for the cosmetics industry. With extensive experience in various mixing and filling techniques, we offer a wide range of services, from custom filling in small quantities to special filling under explosion protection conditions. We have state-of-the-art, fully automatic filling systems that are capable of processing products at high quantities every minute. In addition to machine filling, we also offer manual filling for luxury cosmetics and smaller batches, always ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and hygiene.

Ronnie Heusser, Head of Sales Business Unit Care
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