Focussing on core skills

Companies that want to survive on the market today need to focus on their core skills and jettison uneconomical ballast. Outsourcing is a good solution for doing just that.

When production volumes are getting too low, machinery is becoming more and more outdated and high levels of investment are necessary, small and medium-sized companies often find they can no longer manufacture their products cost-effectively and keep their prices competitive. As a result, many branded goods manufacturers sooner or later find themselves forced to outsource their production.

Outsourcing makes a company more efficient, because freed-up management and labour capacity can be redirected into work that boosts sales, such as the selling and marketing of products. It is particularly important in tough economic times that the management team can focus entirely on strategic decisions. A strong external production partner ensures that the product satisfies all quality requirements. What’s more, there is a lot more flexibility for adjusting supply volumes as and when required, which means the company can respond to market demand without coming under additional pressures.


Taking over and continuing production with machinery and personnel requires a great deal of experience. Over the past three decades, the FRIKE GROUP has successfully completed numerous outsourcing projects both small and large and is continuing to build on this expertise.

Protecting the intellectual property of the customer is always an absolute top priority throughout this process.

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