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Over the past eight decades, the FRIKE GROUP has introduced countless high-quality cleaning and care products to the market on behalf of major national and international customers – and continued to serve them as a contract filler for many years. Customers particularly appreciate the fact that we always supply their products with the same high standards of quality, whether it’s antibiotic treatment sprays for diseased trees or diamond pastes for polishing metal.

Today, the FRIKE GROUP has over 4000 of its own active formulations. We bring a great deal of enthusiasm, innovation and extensive expertise to your ideas and turn them into products that are successful on the market. This applies to cleaning and care products for household and industry use, as well as specialty chemicals and biocides of all kinds.

Custom options in product development

We design customized formulations for your own line of cleaning agents. We stay abreast of the latest trends so that we can develop innovative, top-quality technical chemical products with market appeal and remain at the cutting edge. On request, we can develop your formulation in accordance with certified product labels such as aha!, Halal, Kosher or Nordic Swan. We also offer sustainable product concepts that are designed to be sustainable in terms of production, raw materials and packaging materials from the very outset. These include water-saving products made from powder, which are dissolved in water for use.

  • aha!-certified cleaning and care products that have been awarded the allergy seal of approval and have been specially developed for sensitive skin.
  • Halal- and Kosher-certified chemicals that do not contain animal ingredients, parabens or paraffins.
  • Certified cleaning and care products with the Nordic Swan certificate, which confirms their environmental friendliness and resource-efficient production.

Key aspects of the development of chemical products

In product development, we rely on the latest research findings from the chemical industry. To keep our specialist knowledge of technologies and active ingredients up to date, we are a member of the Swiss Cosmetics and Detergents Association and the Swiss Aerosol Industry Association. This allows us to combine your ideas with the latest trends and developments in active ingredients. When developing formulations, we put an emphasis on maximum effectiveness and conduct application tests with potential consumers or mechanically using various systems.

Adjustments to formulations and care

At the FRIKE GROUP, we are continuously checking existing formulations for compliance and can adapt them if necessary. This process of formulation maintenance is an essential part of our services and is highly valued by our customers, especially in connection with the latest trends or new, highly effective ingredients. If our customer has provided the formulation, we make systematically protecting their intellectual property one of our top priorities.

Comprehensive product testing

Once we have developed the right formulation and you have approved the prototype, it is important to check the stability of the formulation. During this process, we carry out storage tests and regularly monitor product parameters. Rolling out a new product also means fulfilling the necessary legal requirements. At your request, we can commission independent external institutes and service providers to carry out bacterial load tests, dermatological reports and safety assessments. These tests are mandatory and form an essential part of your product information file.

Ronnie Heusser, Head of Sales Business Unit Care
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