Your go-to partner for the product development of cosmetics

Since 1944, the FRIKE GROUP has brought thousands of high-quality cosmetic products onto the market for well-known national and international customers and has continued to serve them for many years as a contract filler for cosmetics. We bring real innovative spirit and our many years of experience to your new product ideas, ensuring that your product is a success.

We develop everything from nourishing classic cosmetics and certified natural cosmetics to luxurious items, from facial products to body care and haircare. Our product development services for cosmetics cover the entire cosmetic product life cycle, including the development of cosmetic products and regular formulation testing and adaptation or further development.

Bespoke options in product development of cosmetics

We create unique formulas for your unique cosmetics line. We stay abreast of the latest new products and innovations with market appeal so that we can develop top-quality cosmetic products. On request, we can develop your formulation in accordance with certified product labels such as aha!, Halal, Kosher and NATRUE. Our range also includes product concepts that are sustainable from the outset. From the very start, these are designed for sustainability in production and the responsible use of raw materials, active ingredients and packaging materials.

  • aha!-certified cosmetic products, which have been awarded the allergy seal of approval and are specially developed for sensitive skin.
  • Halal- and kosher-certified cosmetic products that also do not contain animal ingredients, parabens or paraffins.
  • Certified natural cosmetics with labels such as NATRUE and EcoCert.
  • Luxury cosmetics with rare and premium extracts such as gold, caviar, pearls or precious stones for a special experience.
  • Vegan beauty products that are free from active ingredients of animal origin. They use ingredients such as beeswax, collagen and the red dye carmine. Vegan products are identified by seals such as the V-label or the vegan flower.
  • Sustainable beauty that avoids substances such as mineral oil and microplastics. Packaging is also produced sustainably and is largely made from recycled materials.
  • Clean Beauty is all about cosmetic products that deliberately avoid controversial ingredients such as silicones, paraffins and the like. These are mostly synthetic ingredients, but also include questionable natural ingredients.
  • Phytocosmetics, also known as plant-based cosmetics, are made of 95% ingredients of natural origin, derived from plants. The high-quality extracts are notable for their maximum effectiveness and especially good tolerability.

Our priorities when developing cosmetic products

When developing cosmetic products, we take account of the latest research findings from the Swiss cosmetics industry. As a member of the Swiss Cosmetics and Detergents Association and the Swiss Aerosol Industry Association, we stay up to date on the latest technology, active ingredients and more. We execute your ideas for cosmetic products, taking account of the latest trends and developments in active ingredients in the cosmetics industry. We use selected active ingredients of all kinds, including topical and bioactive substances, medicinal plants, selected medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and high-quality Alpine herbs that have been tried and tested for centuries. When developing cosmetic products, we always put an emphasis on maximum skin compatibility and work with external dermatology specialists.

Adjustments to formulations and maintenance of cosmetic products

At the FRIKE GROUP, we are continuously checking existing formulations for compliance with regulations and can reformulate them if necessary. This formulation maintenance is an important part of our services and is highly valued by our customers. When it comes to the latest developments in the field of natural cosmetics, we have many years of experience with the NATRUE natural cosmetics label and the corresponding active ingredients. As a trusted partner, if our customer has an existing formulation, we make systematically protecting their intellectual property one of our top priorities.

Checking product stability and other tests

Once the right formulation has been identified and you have approved the prototype, the next step is to check the stability of the formulation. We carry out storage tests and check the product parameters at regular intervals for this purpose. Launching a new product on the market means overcoming the necessary legal hurdles. At your request, we can have independent, external institutes and service providers carry out a bacterial load test, a dermatological report and a safety assessment and we will prepare the necessary documentation. These tests are mandatory and are an important part of your product information file. We can also oversee efficacy studies on your behalf.

Ronnie Heusser, Head of Sales Business Unit Care
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