Your go-to product development partner in the pharmaceutical industry

The FRIKE GROUP has 40 years of experience in developing pharmaceuticals and has already supported numerous customers in the targeted further development of their over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals. This includes new galenic forms and the use of new active ingredients such as corticoids, hormones and antibiotics.

We also assist our customers with producing test medication, developing methods and preparing certificates of analysis. As the FRIKE GROUP has a license for clinical trials, we are also able to support our customers in this area. You and your pharmaceuticals benefit all along the line.

An array of product development offerings for the pharmaceutical industry

The FRIKE GROUP supports customers from very different sectors in product development for the pharmaceutical industry. For example, we develop sunscreen for the USA, creams for muscle and joint pain, cough syrup and oil drops, as well as prescription medicines for dental hygiene, dermatology, gynecology and more. At your request, we can also develop formulations that comply with certified product labels such as aha!, Halal, Kosher and NATRUE. We are also happy to carry out additional certifications on request.

  • aha!-certified pharmaceutical products, which have been awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality and are specially developed for sensitive skin.
  • Halal- and Kosher-certified cosmetic products that also do not contain animal ingredients, parabens or paraffins.
  • Certified natural cosmetics with labels such as NATRUE and EcoCert.
  • Products for medical use, such as gels for joint pain.

Formulation testing as part of product development for the pharmaceutical industry

The FRIKE GROUP draws upon its many years of expertise as a partner for the further development and optimization of existing formulations. Our formulation testing service, based on the latest findings, is also very popular with customers. Systematically protecting your intellectual property is one of our top priorities in our work on formulations, and a key part of any collaboration based on trust.

Safety assessments and efficacy testing

Once the appropriate formulation has been identified and your approved prototype has been created, it is important to ensure the stability and shelf life of the formulation. We carry out storage tests and regularly check the product parameters for that purpose. The FRIKE GROUP assists customers with microbiological testing, tolerability and efficacy testing, safety assessments and supply management for clinical trials. Make the most of our support to bring your pharmaceutical products to market as quickly as possible.

Heidrun Goth, Business Development Manager Pharma
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