The FRIKE GROUP: a contract manufacturer with a long-standing tradition and innovative power

Over its 80-year history, the FRIKE GROUP has constantly been evolving and providing new answers to the needs of the market. Today, we are the largest independent contract manufacturer in Switzerland, but we also offer our customers numerous other services besides production and filling. What they all have in common is the added value that we offer when we work together. You too can benefit from our comprehensive expertise and enthusiasm for customer solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

Excellence from development to filling

As a full-service provider in contract manufacturing, the FRIKE GROUP can help by managing the development, onward optimization and maintenance of formulations according to your exact specifications. We handle the purchase of packaging materials and raw materials, produce bulks, and oversee the filling and packaging of your products. We also offer solutions for the storage and delivery of finished products. The FRIKE GROUP does not sell its own brands, so we act as a neutral and independent contract manufacturer. Make the most of our many years of expertise and dependable performance, which make us a trustworthy partner in the industry.

We are a member of vips – the Association of Pharmaceutical Companies in Switzerland

Industry association for Swiss pharmaceutical companies vips focuses on the health of patients in Switzerland: Its key areas of focus include ensuring an adequate basic supply of medicines, straightforward approval and reimbursement processes and fast access to innovative products.

We are a member of the Swiss Aerosol Industry Association

Based in Zurich, the Swiss Aerosol Industry Association [Assoziation der Schweizerischen Aerosolindustrie, ASA] aims to promote the Swiss aerosol industry. The ASA’s members determine the main objectives of the association’s activities at the general meeting.

We are a member of the Swiss Cosmetics and Detergents Association

Specialization in contract manufacturing in the aerosol sector, including contract mixing, refining, coloring, filling of powder and liquid products (including abrasive liquids) and trading in aerosols for industrial, commercial and private customers.



With the FRIKE GROUP, you don’t just get a solution. We draw upon our 80 years of expertise to get the best out of your individual product – and tap into any previously hidden potential.


Behind all FRIKE GROUP solutions are people who focus on the needs of our customers. You will have a specific contact person, so you’ll always have a direct line to us.


Lots of FRIKE GROUP customers have been working with our company for many years. We are extremely reliable and efficient, whether we're handling large orders or small batches.

Maybe you don't know us yet. The products we make you definitely do.

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