Your Swiss pharmaceutical contract manufacturer

With 40 years of expertise as a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer, the FRIKE GROUP is one of Europe’s leading specialists in this area. We use process mixers from 1.5 to 3000 liters to manufacture non-sterile, semi-solid and liquid formulations and suppositories. Thanks to our wide range of mixers, we are well set up to develop new formulations, including scale-up to the batch size you require. We also have impressive, wide-ranging solutions and expertise when it comes to packaging and filling.

Whether you are planning a production campaign, large or small, want to have new formulations developed or optimize your existing ones, we are your expert partner. In every collaboration, efficiency, innovation, confidentiality and customer friendliness are our top priorities.

Full service from your contract filler for pharmaceuticals

As a contract manufacturer and contract filler for pharmaceuticals, the FRIKE GROUP offers you a complete service, from (continued) development and filling to packaging and logistics. We always adhere to the highest pharmaceutical standards, with strict in-process controls. For example, we can assist you with developing a new galenic form or reworking an existing formulation. On request, we can provide you with a new active ingredient, prepare test medication and help with procuring the certificate of analysis.

Our Development department offers scale-ups from small quantities of 1.5 kg up to 3 tons. We are also happy to purchase highly active ingredients and excipients for you in accordance with pharmacopoeia standards. Thanks to our long-standing network, you benefit from high levels of availability of raw materials, and we can also find rare active ingredients on your behalf. Confidentiality is our top priority, regardless of the type of collaboration. The FRIKE GROUP has made a deliberate decision not to sell its own brands, so it is a neutral and independent partner for pharmaceutical production.

Sustainable product concepts

Our partner for contract manufacturing in Switzerland. At the FRIKE GROUP, sustainability is a way of life, whether in energy-efficient production or sustainable product solutions.

Stephanie Scholz, Head of Marketing Dermatology & Health Merz Pharma (Schweiz) AG

Versatile solutions
from liquids to semi-solids.

With extensive manufacturing and filling options, plus specialized technologies such as emulsion processing, we cover a wide range of pharmaceutical products. As a contract pharmaceutical manufacturer, we are your go-to partner for over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals, from liquids to gels and oils. With our broad expertise and wide range of different containers and shapes, we can meet all your requirements.

Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals (OTC)

muscle relaxants, medicinal baths, dermatological products, cold products, sun protection for the USA (OTC products)

• Prescription pharmaceuticals with highly effective active ingredients

corticoids, hormones, antirheumatics, antibiotics, antifungals, analgesics/gynecological products, dental hygiene, dermatological products, cold products, suppositories

Market authorizations
  • Swissmedic: last inspection June 2022
  • FDA: last inspection May 2023
  • ANVISA GMP: last inspection July 2023

letzte Inspektion Mai 2023


letzte Inspektion Juli 2023

Technical shapes
  • Liquids
  • Solutions
  • Emulsions
  • Creams
  • Ointments
  • Gels
  • Pastes
  • Oils

made of aluminum, glass and plastic from 10 ml to 100 ml


pump sprays from 50 ml to 3000 ml

Airless dispensers

from 50 ml to 3000 ml

Aluminum tubes

from 2 ml to 200 ml

Plastic tubes

from 10 ml to 200 ml

Plastic jars

from 10 ml to 150 ml


from 10 ml to 50 ml


with aluminum and plastic foil from 0.9 ml to 2.5 ml

Single-chamber sachets

for liquids and gels from 3 ml to 20 ml

In a constantly changing GMP environment, there are many aspects and challenges to my role. Yet thanks to the short decision-making processes and flexibility of the FRIKE GROUP, these challenges can be easily addressed and overcome.

Marc Nydegger, Expert Coordinator responsible for production release at the FRIKE GROUP

My role involves working at the cutting edge. I ensure compliance with legal requirements and thus guarantee the quality of our products for the benefit and safety of patients.

Christian Mayer-Lusti, Expert Coordinator responsible for production release at the FRIKE GROUP

The contract manufacturer for pharmaceuticals that gives you the edge

In the dynamic, fast-moving pharmaceutical market, trends are constantly changing and new products are coming onto the shelves at breakneck speed. Consisting of five agile SMEs, the FRIKE GROUP’s short decision-making paths offer the flexibility to react quickly to market changes and legal adjustments and to support new product roll-outs.

Outsourcing your production to us as a contract pharmaceutical manufacturer and contract filler frees you up to concentrate fully on your marketing and brand management. This allows your company to reduce the cost risk of having its own machinery, while at the same time benefiting from our 40 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Thanks to our many years of global sales expertise in pharmaceuticals, we can also assist you with tapping into new markets and provide support as a specialist partner for global market launches or product deliveries.

Contract manufacturer of suppositories

As a contract pharmaceutical manufacturer, we have extensive expertise in all types of medicinal products. We also have considerable expertise in suppositories of all kinds. These are characterized by their rapid effect, as they enter the body directly via the intestinal mucosa, and have certain advantages over oral forms of medication for various patient groups. This form of administration is also suitable for use as vaginal suppositories. At the FRIKE GROUP, we offer various options for suppositories, with the shape poured individually. They are available as strips of three or five with a filling content of 1 to 3 g.

Certificates for contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

Our production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that meet the stringent requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice for medicinal products. Our manufacturing processes are certified by Swissmedic for Switzerland, EU-GMP for Europe, C-GMP for the USA and ALVISA for Brazil. We are continuously innovating and optimizing our processes to guarantee the highest quality, low production costs and efficient use of resources.

Heidrun Goth, Business Development Manager Pharma
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Maciej Libort, Business Development Manager Pharma
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