Filling of pharmaceuticals in various consistencies and forms

With its many years of experience in the contract filling of medical products, the FRIKE GROUP has the perfect infrastructure for this task. Our flexible filling systems for liquid to semi-solid products ensure fast throughput times and competitive prices, even for small and medium quantities. We also have a suppository filling line.

You can rely on our expertise in filling a wide range of pharmaceutical products – even with challenging consistencies and a wide variety of packaging shapes and sizes. When it comes to packaging, we can also execute sustainable options on your behalf, such as tubes made from recycled plastic or aluminum.

Contract filling in bottles, tubes or suppositories

The FRIKE GROUP offers a wide range of options for filling pharmaceuticals. We can fill your bulk into tubes, jars, bottles, pump dispensers, single-chamber sachets or suppositories. As a contract filler for medical products, we are also happy to advise you on sustainable solutions.

  • Filling quantities range from 2 ml to 3000 ml, with special sizes available on request.
    - Bottles and airless dispensers made of aluminum, glass and plastic with filling capacities from 10 ml to 500 ml
    - Plastic pump sprays with filling capacities from 50 ml to 3000 ml
    - Airless dispensers with filling capacities from 50 ml to 3000 ml
    - Aluminum tubes with filling capacities from 2 ml to 200 ml
    - Plastic tubes with filling capacities from 10 ml to 200 ml
    - Plastic jars with filling capacities from 10 ml to 0 ml
    - Roll-ons with filling capacities from 10 ml to 50 ml
    - Suppositories with aluminum and plastic foil, with filling capacities from 0.9 ml to 2.5 ml, can be individually cut to size.
    - Single-chamber sachets for liquids and gels with filling capacities of 3 ml to 20 ml
  • Bottle filling line with capacity of up to 60 bottles per minute.
  • Tube filling line with capacity of up to 140 tubes per minute.
  • Suppository filling line with capacity of up to 150 suppositories per minute: filling capacities from 1 g to 3b. To produce suppositories, the liquid bulk is heated to 37°C. Fat is added, prepared with the active ingredients and excipients, and filled into suppositories from 50 mg to 3 kg.
  • Cold chain production with storage in the temperature range of 2–8°C.
  • Automatic or manual nesting of products with leaflets, small spoons and much more, plus sealing of the product packaging.
  • Automatic serialization and aggregation of your products with state-of-the-art technology.
Heidrun Goth, Business Development Manager Pharma
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